​​Della and Lila Book Series

Lila Mitchell is a spunky, full-of-life, sweet, funny little sister. Lila is 6 years old and loves playing soccer, swimming, kayaking, music lessons, taking care of animals, and Sesame Street.  Lila loves to use her imagination. She also enjoys climbing trees, running in the grass, swimming in the river, riding horses, and being as free as she possibly can be. 

Lila is also a great helper around the house, participating in many daily chores including cooking, laundry, and dusting.

Lila's current 'favorite things' list includes:
Sesame Street, Lion Guard, sharks, whales, You Tube videos, playing the piano, her little cousin Mack, Bowie the dog, Descendants 2, and hibachi. Lila thoroughly enjoyed Kindergarten this school year and is looking forward to first grade. Lila lives in Brownsville, PA, with her family, near the Monongahela River.